Teaming Up with a Broker

As a realtor, have you ever lost a sale because your client was unable to receive approval for a mortgage? After all of time that you spent assisting them in finding a home, the reward was lost. While the benefits of using a broker may differ from one brokerage to the next, the list below shows what MortgagePRO Ltd. can do to eliminate this problem.

  1. A mortgage broker can get approvals for clients with credit, age, and job issues.

  2. Partnering with a mortgage broker will avoid last minute mortgage problems that may sour the deal, lose the client, and the commission.

  3. By pre-approving clients, mortgage brokers will make sure that the time and energy the realtor spends with the client pays off.

  4. MortgagePRO is willing to participate in open houses, answer questions, and offer pre-approval to potential clients on site.

  5. Pre-approvals only take 30 minutes.

  6. MortgagePRO pays realtors referral fees starting at $400.00